Will the PC be phased out for the tablet?

With the tablet becoming more popular with the home PC/Mac be phased out?

After watching the Microsoft press conference recently announcing the Surface tablet I had a bit of a dilemma. I thought to myself “If i never used my PC for business why would i need anything other than a tablet?”. The tablets are packed with all kinds of apps that cover everything from gaming, social networking and basic word processing so what is the purpose of having a bulky laptop or a desktop PC for the average casual user? This is a question that i couldn’t answer. Take the Apple iPad for example its small, lightweight, has a nicely sized display and half the price of a (good) laptop but still has all the features in a much more streamlined to the point operating system. With the add-on of a Bluetooth keyboard it would be perfect for replacing a laptop.

I think within 2/5 years the home computer will be obsolete to the tablet with Apple leading the way.


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